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Terra Umbra - Empire of Shadows

The Mutter Museum in Philadelphia
The Mutter Museum   Medical Museum in Philadelphia...started in the 1800's, it displays old instruments, preserved and wax castings of specimens, and lots of bones and formaldehyde.

Gunther von Hagens:  I must admit, I find these preserved cadavers disturbing.  However, they are important for education and unlike the Chinese knock-off exhibit, these donors were willing.
Gunther von Hagen's Body World

NASA & Hubble Telescope

National Geographic Genographic Project:
  DNA analysis maps human migration.  Have you had your DNA analyzed?
Genographic Project DNA Analysis

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The Kostnice Ossuary is a chapel made human bones.  It's located in the Czech Republic,  home of my maternal ancestors.

 Photos of  Salem, The Witch Museum and Pilgrim Village are on my Flickr site at:
Mother Macabre's Photostream .

The OLDEST KILN discovered by archaeologists is in Czechoslovakia, at Dolne Vestonice.
Archaeology initially drew my interest to ceramics... artifacts made with hands like ours, which have long ago turned to dust.  The oldest kiln was made 35,000 years ago in the
Czech Republic.
My grandmother was Bohemian, so I'm proud of this connection with the birth of ceramic art.
Dolni Vestonice, Moravia
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